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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

HALLOWEEN STEW with Witches Brew

Let us know in our class what you are going to make  this Halloween! 
Halloween may not be for everyone, but it’s certainly a holiday where most people have fun and why shouldn’t you? If you’re not so keen on the idea of wearing funky costumes, 
how about doing something weird,  say.... trying something cool in the kitchen?

·      READ the entry from  a zombie .....
·      WATCH some scare-looking pictures and

o   DESCRIBE our class video (groups)

o  pword:  halloweenstew

FROM The Zombie diaries....  (30th October 2015)

HALLOWEEN STEW with Witches Brew

For those hungry at your stomachs..... It's time for a tasty, yummy Halloween meal, why not cook  from our delicacy list:
Perhaps Squirrel Brain Stew, wasn't it delicious last Spring festival? I loved chewing the bites!
And eyeballs that can even be for dessert, yes. Should I cook Monkey Eyeballs as I did last year?
I know some guests were a little uncertain about eating until they took a taste!
 Oh it is, just ask Hannibal Lecter. and then he'll probably ask for seconds.... ha, ha,
LEts try sometning different but cool, nice, something funky this time. Have a look.

WATCH what he is eating for Halloween this year!
and take notes on the video:
              the place, the setting, the actions, what he is eating.

USE sounds like: drinking, swallowing, eating, chewing ....

MAKE a final sentence... similar to these:
·      Anyone want to ...
·      How can I persuade anyone to eat it?
·      Have you tried out any Halloween recipes? 

·      the end scared me so bad!!.......but it was good

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Bored stiff with your English study time ...  
Put aside any dull homework... Try this

El punt AVUI- 

Resultado de imagen de "punt avui" "english hour"A) Our finest hour with Matthew TreeHosted by British writer Matthew Tree, this roundtable debate airs every Thursday. Every week Matthew is joined by different guests, including Liz Castro, Patricia Gabancho and Martin Kirby, among others, who will discuss the most important events of the week.
B)  Going native with Neil StokesA good level of English has become a must for everyone, including Catalans. Each Monday, Neil Stokes talks to a different public figure, including artists, sports people, politicians and actors, for whom English is an everyday reality. 
C)  Small talk with Nicole MillarForeign residents are also the focus every Friday, when Catalonia Today’s Nicole Millar talks to people from a variety of countries and walks of life about their experiences of adapting to life in Catalonia. 
Resultado de imagen de "punt avui" "english hour" D)   Catalan connections with Marcela Topor
Every Wednesday, Catalonia Today editor Marcela Topor interviews well-known foreign residents in Catalonia. From writers and musicians to entrepreneurs and officials, the interviews provide a unique perspective on living and working in Catalonia.

English Hour                    

             Four  choices:  
Our finest hour with Matthew Tree

Resultado de imagen de "punt avui" "english hour"
26/02/2015                           (18.00-18.53)               
             With Carmen Amorós, Josep Lluís Gonzàlez & Barbara Leonard.

17/09/2015                            (18.14-18.55) 
             With Patrícia Gabancho, Steven Andrew & Simon Harris (author of 'Catalonia is not Spain').

07/05/2015                         (17.38-18.55)
With Bernat Puigtovella, Monika Zgustova & Edwin Winkels.

03/12/2015                          (18.14-18.55)      
With John English (Documentary maker), Liz Castro (Publisher, speaker for Catalan grassroots movement) & Martin Capdevila (Canadian-Catalan sports announcer for FEDH).

               Five choices_- 
Going native with  Neil Stokes  
(mostly 20-minute programmes)

21/09/2015                         (18.28-18.50)            
            Albert Riera
 Communicator from the  farm social-programme cooperative  La Fageda.

16/11/2015                         (18.31-19.01)  
                      archeologist - Eudald Carbonell.           

Resultado de imagen de "punt avui" "english hour"
05/10/2015                         (18.26-18.54)           
            Vicent Partal, Vilaweb editor.           

  Dídac Lee -
Digital entrepreneur with Taiwan origins-Board member for FCBarcelona 

15/12/2014                         (18.31-18.52)           
            Alfred Bosch 
Historian, writer and ERC potitician                 

            Five choices_  Nicole Millar 
(Click on the underlined link)
(mostly 30-minute programmes)

            Gagandeep Singh, spokesman for the Sikh community in BCN.

             Jutta Lange, specialist in natural cosmetics.

                        Resultado de imagen de "punt avui" "english hour"
            Ousman Umar, from Ghana  - ONG

            Shin Lim - magician, Singaporean living in Massachusssets

            Matthew McDaid. Singer from Northern Ireand

             Ian Pugh,  from Wales.  Wealth manger in  Blevins Franks.

Check one of my choices & 
Make your  three choices_ for ...
Resultado de imagen de "punt avui" "english hour"

 Marcella Topor  

 20 minutes till  15 Septembre 2015, 
then 30 minute programme

            Els Amics de les Arts

            Halldor Mar.
            Rachel Hurd-Wood, protagonista 'Segon Origen'.

            Núria Farregut blogger gastronòmica.

            Miquel Calçada

            Monika Zgustova, writer and translator.

            Xavier Kaye, artist,  for Untitled BCN. English-Catalan