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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Miscommunication - Sam Wan and Wi-Ween and Yassir jokes

Chinese miscommunication:

Do you know the Yen-GhisKhan story 
of the 4 brothers:
This is a little variation of the story below with the 4 Chinese brothers named

  •  Wi-Ween
  •  Wi´Khan 
  •  WiSea
  •   Neh-Vanow

(for their translitteration in English:  
We-Win, We-Can,  We-See and Never-Know)

There was an important job to be done and 
   Wi-Ween was sure that Wi'Khan would do it.
   WiSea could have done it, but Neh-Vanow did it.

   Wi'Khan got angry about that 

   because it was Wi-Ween's job.

Wi-Ween thought that WiSea could do it, 
but Neh-Vanou realized
        that Wi-Ween wouldn't do it.

It ended up that Wi-Ween blamed Wi'Khan when ....
Neh-Vanow did what WiSea could have done.
Actually Neh-Vanow asked WiSea.
  Consequently, it ended up that
 Neh-Vanow told WiSea, so Wi-ween blamed Wi'Khan.

For the ordinary version 
of Somebody, Anybody, Everybody and Nobody ...
Keep reading here.


For old stuff,
What a laughter with Condoleeza Rice, Yasser Arafat, China's President Mr Hu, and Mr Busr Jr. and Kofi Annan.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

tech-privacy Mikko Hypponen on Three Types of Online Attack

Write a 175-word summary of this tedTALK:

Mikko Hypponen: 

Three Types of Online Attack 


Mikko Hypponen is the host of the current talk, which title was Three Types of Online Attack. He starts stating that Governments have infiltrated technology to track what we do.

He exemplified it both with the communist countries in the 1980s, where any typewriter owner could be tracked by their “wrong ideas.” Also with any color printer today with its imperceptible yellow dots. This is just one way showing how our governments illegally act.

Firstly, online criminals who want to make Money using Trojan Horses to steal money from our bank accounts, easy victims of an online crime, a trend on the increase, no doubt. Secondly, hacker groups targeting large Networks, motivated by pursuing justice against evil-doing from corporations. Lastly, governments acting against their own citizens, as in Egypt, with totalitarian practices hacking into websites their citizens use to identify these individuals. Naively, or not,  western governments are following suit, as when Germany recently released a Trojan Horse to spy on its own citizens.

The trouble stems from how much we value  or give up some (or all) of our privacy. In fact, it is a question of freedom versus control with the downside that the outcome  will bring less safety, but more government control.  He ends up with a dreadful question: Should we blindly trust any new government?

To find the source of text, click here

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

paradigm - parallel -- parables -- paradoxes and Alexander

Our paradigm of parallel parables let us think of ineffable paradoxes, choose the one you prefer:
  1. Have you read the parable (more than a story) The Truth about Sancho Panza by  Kafka, where we learn that Sancho was the writer of the text and Quixote his creation?
  2. "I can resist anything except temptation," said Wilde
  3. “Whoever has ears ought to hear.”  said Jesus 
  4. Victims of severe hypothermia are often found either completely naked or with most of their cloths removed.
  5. Nobody is an island in a sectioned BNWorld
  6. Chaplin's character strength has been forged through its bouts of weakness.
  7. The progress of waste at throwing away useless stuff  in the last 50 years shows how ineffable is our pretended shrinking progress.
  8. “I only know that I know nothing.” said Socrates 
  9. Deep down, you know You are unique, just like everyone else.
  10.  I mind-blowingly found the gregarious gang maintaining divergent views — that’s the paradox of cultivating individualism.
  11. As St. Augustine observed, what is currently wheat can become a weed, and what is a weed can still become wheat “and no one knows what they will be tomorrow.” 
  12. JOB APPLICATION: "University X in Canada is strongly committed to employment equity within its community and supports diversity in its teaching, learning and work environments. We welcome applications from all qualified candidates, including women, aboriginal people, visible minorities, persons with disabilities and members of sexual minority groups. Members of these designated groups are encouraged to self-identify."

B)  A civilised Alexander the Great  and the  barbarian sages 
Alexander's boundless intellectual curiosity was unabated all his short life, as can be seen in his encounters with Indian sages in the Punjab. When he arrived in Takshashila, and had completed his parleys with King Ambhi the ruler of the kingdom, he turned his attention towards the Buddhist and Jain Brahmins about whom he had heard a great deal. 

No one loved good conversation better than Alexander, and here was an opportunity not to be missed:. 

A year before his death, the civilised Alexander the Great  asked the  barbarian Hindu sages about their wisdom: 
Q: Who are more numerous: the living or the dead?A: The living because the dead do not exist.
Q: What is stronger: life or death?  A: Life because it supports so many miseries. 
Q: How long is it right for man to live?    A: Until death is better than life.
See more at:

    Pakistan paradox:
There is a central contradiction at the heart of the construction of Pakistan in 1947. A state that was created to protect a minority nation was, and still is, wholly unwilling to extend the same kind of protections to its minorities.

United by which keep us apart .. the world is paradoxically sectioned

The world is divided between those who.... 
     .........   and those who do not.  
                      (but queerly not evenly, not even by a narrow margin) 

 a/.....   think with their head,
                         and those who know with their heart..
 b/.....   live to ‪#‎travel‬ and those who travel to live.
c/ .....   have had sex, and
                                  those prepared to give it another try;  
 d/ .....   run “wired” and those who run “free”
e/ .....   ask for freedom to do what we are forced to do
                             and those who force mind-slaves to love freedom 
e/ .....  say “uh” and those who say “um.” in their tweets.

          The Divided World

This story is gratiously taken from  Owen Marshall  -webpage.

  1.  The world is divided between those who laugh on the inward, and those on the outward breath; 
  2. between those who say "at this point in time", and those who say that "it does appear to be the case. 
  3. "The world is divided between the superstitious, and the unimaginative; 
  4. between those who have witnessed Bjorn Borg's top-spin, and those who have lost the chance; 
  5. between the exemplary and the few of us who are left. 
  6. The world is divided into those who appreciate Jane Austen, and fools. 
  7. The world is divided between the apathy of ignorant youth, and the despair of incorrigible old age. 
  8. The world is divided between those who blame Lucifer, and those who blame a lack of dietary fibre;
  9.            between mediocrity and its own evolution; 
  10. The world is divided between those who say they adore the country and never go there, and those who say they hate the city and never leave it. 
  11. The world is divided between those we betray, and those who betray us; 
  12. between those who wake in the darkness with tears, and those too drugged to dream; 
  13. The world is divided between those who realise their own value, and those who think they may still amount to something;
  14. between those who prefer quiz shows, and those who still await their frontal lobotomy; 
  15. between the old which has lost its edge, and the new which has not been tested; 
  16. between indecision and hypocrisy, 
  17. between feeble vacillation and energetic error; 
  18. The world is divided between the meek who will inherit the earth, and the strong who will dispossess them of it; 
  19. between those who believe that they are essentially alone, and those who will be convinced with time; 
  20. between those who help others, and those prepared to let nature take their course.
  21. The world is divided between those who can roll their tongues, and those with more archaic genes. 
  22. The world is divided between those who try themselves, and those who seek a less corrupt judge. 
  23. The world is divided between those who are tolerant and wise, and their husbands. 
  24. The world is divided between those in authority and those resentful of it;  
  25. The world is divided between those people whose character is known, and those from whom something may still be expected. 
  26. between professed intentions, and the things we would wish undone; 
  27. between nostalgic falsehood, and anticipatory regret;
  28. between dreams of avarice, and visions of self-esteem. 
  29. The world is divided between the vices of free will, and the virtues of necessity; 
  30. between Tyrannosaurus Rex, and civilised marriages;
  31. The world is divided between those who accept the division, and those who instigated it; 
  32. between those who see, and those who understand; between confiding voluble people, and those we wish to know;
  33. between those on the inside looking out, and those on the outside looking in. 
  34. The world is divided between men who despise others for being what they are, and women who despise them for what they are not.
  35. The world is divided between those anxious concerning the physical, and those in terror of the mind; 
  36. between idlers, and those who work hard all their lives to be able to do nothing when they die. 
  37. The world is divided between the few now and the great majority on the other side, 
  38. The world is divided above all, while we sleep, beneath our noses, and before we notice. 

The war to win fundamental rights - From Stone wall to Audre Lorde - NYC 2014

Many ferociously stubborn wills were neededFrom Stone wall -1969 to Audre Lorde - NYC 2014 
Any majority is basically a conglomerate of minorities. Each minority shows a variety of situations in which minorities live.
Some live together in well-defined areas, separated from the dominant part of the population. Others are scattered throughout the country.   
Some minorities have a strong sense of collective identity and recorded history; others retain only a fragmented notion of their common heritage.
A) Remember Harvey Milk?
Milk, among the first openly gay elected officials in the country, had a profound impact on national politics, and his rich afterlife in American culture has affirmed his status as pioneer and martyr.

       Sean Penn, center, portrays Harvey Milk, 
the San Francisco city supervisor who was murdered in 27 Nov 1978

The murderer, Dan White, was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to a relatively brief jail term, sparking a demonstration and riot by gay supporters of the murdered men.

B) Begin at the beginning. Stonewall. The  NYC riots -1969 

June 28  marks every year the anniversary of the Stonewall riots, the event largely regarded as a catalyst for the LGBT movement for civil rights in the United States.  The riots inspired LGBT people throughout the country to organize in support of gay rights, and within two years after the riots, gay rights groups had been started in nearly every major city in the United States. At the time, there were not many places where people could be openly gay. New York had laws prohibiting homosexuality in public, and private businesses and gay establishments were regularly raided and shut down.
A police raid on the Stonewall Inn in New York City in 1969 sparked a riot and became the genesis of the modern gay rights movement. Veterans of the riots, along with author David Carter, recount what happened the night history was made.

     Veterans Talk About the Night That Changed The World

C) The Boys in Blue: 

Women's Challenge to the Police

Christina Dunhill (Editor)

Published by Virago, London, 1989

 The British police force remains an overridingly white and male institution. Yet in times of crisis it is to this police force that women must look for protection or redress. This book takes a look at many areas of policing in relation to women in Britain and Northern Ireland today. 

It includes contributions from women personally affected and those working in a wide range of fields: feminist and anti-racist campaigns and support services, the peace movement, local government police monitoring, as well as lawyers and feminist researchers. What happens when girls and women seek police help in cases of rape, child abuse, domestic and racial violence? 

What about those who are subjected to unwanted police attention, which could often be labelled harassment - as political activists, lesbians, black women, Irish and Greenham women, as women coming up against the immigration law or the Mental Health Act, or women working as prostitutes? 

The final section examines closely who the police actually are and considers the changing balance of police powers in the light of recent legislation.

D) Audre Lorde (1934-1992)
Audre Lorde
The Black feminist, lesbian, poet, mother, warrior 

5 reasons why the Audre Lorde Project supports in 2014 the #Not1More Campaign 
to demand that President Obama grant the broadest administrative relief possible and implement an immediate halt to deportations!

1. We stand in solidarity with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two Spirit, Trans,
and Gender Non-Conforming People of Color migrants, undocumented people,
people in detention, low-wage workers, and all Indigenous-identified
people, and honor the sovereignty of the First Nations on whose land we now
see the US attempt to enforce arbitrary borders.

2. We oppose current systems of policing, surveillance, and immigration
enforcement that use racist, transphobic, homophobic, ageist, classist, and
ableist tactics to falsely accuse, terrorize, and target communities
perceived as threats in order to maintain and further build race and class
hierarchy in the United States.

3. We demand the abolition of all prisons and immigrant detention centers,
where transgender and gender-non conforming people are forced into solitary

4. We oppose the Secure Communities program, the 287(g) program, the
Criminal Alien Program, and all ICE ACCESS agreements that allow local law
enforcement to act as agents of immigration. We oppose the use of ICE
holds, Operation Streamline, and any enforcement provisions that build more
walls and increase collaboration between local police and ICE.

5. We demand an end to the displacement of our communities and the
militarization of our lives, from the increased policing of communities of
color in the US to the current apartheid in Gaza and the Israeli-occupied


More about the campaign: On August 2nd, 2014 
Southerners On New Ground [SONG], Transgender Law Center [TLC] and many others are joined forces in Washington, DC, to amplify the national call to demand that President Obama grant the BROADEST ADMINISTRATIVE RELIEF possible and implement an immediate halt to deportations!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Qinghai-Tibet railway opening, green passageway for wild animals

(Hoaxes NEWS)   Photographer Liu Weiqing claimed he had to wait with his camera in a pit for eight days to capture this image of antelope galloping across the Tibetan landscape as a high-speed train passes overhead on the newly opened Qinghai-Tibet railway. "I wanted to capture the harmony among the Tibetan antelope, the train, men and nature," he said. The photo, widely disseminated by Xinhua, China's state-run news agency, eased concerns that the high-speed train (which started service in July 2006) would disturb Tibetan wildlife. CCTV, China's state-run television network, declared it a top 10 "photo of the year" in late 2006.

HONG KONG -- It turns out that train tracks in Tibet aren't where the antelope play.
Earlier this week, Xinhua, China's state-run news agency, issued an unusual public apology for publishing a doctored photograph of Tibetan wildlife frolicking near a high-speed train.
The deception -- uncovered by Chinese Internet users who sniffed out a Photoshop scam in the award-winning picture -- has brought on a big debate about:
  •  media ethics, 
  • China's troubled relationship with Tibet, and 
  • how pregnant antelope react to noise.

China Eats Crow Over Faked Photo Of Rare Antelope

The antelope imbroglio began in the summer of 2006. The Chinese government was celebrating its latest engineering feat, and an enthusiastic wildlife photographer from the Daqing Evening News was camped out on the Tibetan plateau eating energy bars and waiting for antelope to pass.
(eat crow -idiom)

Photo of antelopes unperturbed by Tibet train exposed as fake

A photograph showing more than 20 Tibetan antelopes roaming calmly under a railway bridge as a high-speed train to Lhasa was passing would have been a perfect propaganda coup for the Chinese government. It would also, no doubt, have beggared credulity. Regarding its value on the propaganda side, China has been saying that these highly endangered animals and others had adapted well to the Qinghai-Tibet railway, thereby justifying the controversial project as environment friendly.

Monday, January 26, 2015

We'd rather lie instead...

Write a text (250 words) about this theme:

The inconveniences 
of telling always 
the truth.

To LIE-1
lies, lying, lied, lied
 (=be economical with the truth)
To LIE-2:
lies, lying , lay, lain
 (=be on a lying position, i.e. on the beach)

Telling the truth may be a virtue, but is it not more important to know how to tell lies? After all, I am sure that everyone has experienced a situation where they knew that if they told the truth, they would find themselves in more trouble than if they told a lie to worm their way out of distress. And if you're already lying, then it should be convincing and so well constructed that the other wouldn't ever think that you were lying. Life goes about in a way that its necessary to tell lies, things aren't always done on time, promises aren't always kept, we don't want feelings to be hurt, and so on.

Obviously, modern civilized society couldn't exist if everybody lied all the time. In the age of globalization and the widespread cooperation of many people, we all base our decisions and plans on what others tell us. If everyone told lies to everyone else then everything would quickly cease to function and fall apart.

But at the same time, would it not be equally disastrous if everybody always told the truth? If everyone told the pure, cold truth then it would surely have a destructive social impact and people would probably want to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. In a short time, mass culture would turn into the culture of hermits and all based upon even the smallest of comments. Upon these pure truths people would either hide away or kill each other off.

In the end, one might conclude that both lying and telling the truth are a part of human nature. One might also conclude that neither truth nor falsehood may exist without each other for the opposite of one defines the other, just like day and night, and it's rather nonsensical to discuss why day and night exist…unless maybe you're studying philosophy.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Box Office History for Movies

Box Office History for

 Star Wars Movies

← See all franchises
SEE other statistics in Europe 
Release DateMovieProduction
Box Office
Box Office
May 25, 1977 Star Wars Ep. IV: A New Hope $11,000,000 $1,554,475 $460,998,007 $797,900,000
May 21, 1980 Star Wars Ep. V: The Empire Strikes Back $23,000,000 $4,910,483 $290,271,960 $534,171,960
May 25, 1983 Star Wars Ep. VI: Return of the Jedi $32,500,000 $23,019,618 $309,205,079 $572,700,000
May 19, 1999 Star Wars Ep. I: The Phantom Menace $115,000,000 $64,810,970 $474,544,677 $1,007,044,677 Play
May 16, 2002 Star Wars Ep. II: Attack of the Clones $115,000,000 $80,027,814 $310,676,740 $656,695,615
May 19, 2005 Star Wars Ep. III: Revenge of the Sith $115,000,000 $108,435,841 $380,270,577 $848,998,877
Aug 15, 2008 Star Wars: The Clone Wars $8,500,000 $14,611,273 $35,161,554 $68,161,554

Friday, January 23, 2015

fraud firefighters september 11

Different headlines

ny fraud firefighters september 11

  1. Dozens of former New York police and firemen in 9/11 disability fraud

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    hace 6 días - Nearly 100 former police and fire personnel are arrested in a sweeping ...a sweeping fraud investigation involving federal disability benefits, New York authorities say. ... "Many participants cynically manufactured claims of mental illness as a result ofSeptember 11, ... 09 SEPTEMBER 2011, FRONT PAGE.

  2. NYPD officers and firefighters arrested in 9/11 disability fraud ...

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    hace 6 días - New York police, firefighters charged in disability fraud ... search and rescue efforts on September 11, 2001, and those who subsequently died  ...

  3. Eighty retired New York cops, firefighters charged in disability fraud ...

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    hace 6 días - Eighty retired New York cops, firefighters charged in disability fraud ...falsely claimed to have been traumatized by the September 11 attacks. .... technology news, headline news, small business news, news alerts, personal  ...

  4. 9/11 Fraud Case Accuses Retired New York Cops, Firefighters

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    hace 6 días - – Scores of retired New York City police, fire and ... We need an Independent Inquiry into 9/11; see September 11-the .... manual-generated news site that accumulates headlines from news sources worldwide.

  5. Former New York police officers and firefighters face 9/11 fraud ... › News › ABC

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    hace 5 días - Former New York police officers and firefighters are among 106 people accused of ... [Category: Fraud and Corporate Crime, September 11 Attacks] All the latest ... entertainment, motoring, sport and weather news headlines.

  6. New York cops among 106 accused over 9/11 fraud - YouTube

    hace 5 días - Subido por ZakWorldNEWS
    For more Latest and Breaking News Headlines ... Former New York police officers and firefighters were among 106 people indicted on ... hundreds of millions of dollars, some in connection with the September 11 attacks.

  7. NY cops, firefighters accused in PTSD scam | News - Home - Krcr

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    hace 6 días - Though the former New York City police officers and firefighters were supposed to ... received funds for fraudulent claims for PTSD in the wake of theSeptember 11, 2001, .... Greenville / New Bern / Jacksonville, NC Headlines.

  8. New York police and firefighters among 106 accused over 9/11 fraud

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    hace 5 días - Related Articles 'Our hearts still ache': Obama leads September 11tributes 11 ... over 9/11 fraud For more Latest and Breaking News HeadlinesSUBSCRIBE to ... scam, 80 were retired New York police officers or firefighters.

  9. Fraud Arrest of Dozens of Retired NYPD Officers Only the Beginning ...

    hace 6 días
    9/11 Cops, Firefighters Scammed Disability Cash: Indictment ...I'm Dan -- -- New York where this ABC news digital special report... In and around September 11 taking advantage of the good game .... Headlines & Weather.

Former New York police officers and firefighters were among 106 people indicted over a "massive fraud" worth hundreds of millions of dollars, some in connection with the September 11 attacks.
The accused allegedly collected tens of thousands of dollars a year in Social Security disability benefits – funded by taxpayers – by claiming they were completely incapacitated by serious psychiatric disorders and other ailments.
But, according to court documents, they were in fact living normal lives – one of the accused flew a helicopter, while another played blackjack in Las Vegas.
One of the accused taught and performed mixed martial arts but was still claiming benefits of typically between $30,000 and $50,000 a year. In some instances, the total amount fraudulently obtained was nearly $500,000 per applicant.
Of those indicted in the decades-long scam, 80 were retired New York police officers or firefighters.