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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Citizenship- Huxley in the US and the Oath of Allegiance

Aldous Leonard Huxley, (1894, Surrey, England—1963, Los Angeles, U.S.), English novelist and critic gifted with an acute and far-ranging intelligence. His works are notable for their wit and pessimistic satire.   
His best known novel, Brave New World (1932), set a model for much dystopian science fiction that followed. It is a fundamentally satiric novel, but it also vividly expresses Huxley’s distrust of 20th-century trends in both politics and technology. The novel presents a nightmarish vision of a future society, set in XXV century and  scientifically determined  that, in turn, obliterates the individual and grants all control to the World State.
Ensuing a dialogue from the novel. In the World State of the year 632 After Ford, would not You and me and & Co. be model citizens?
  • Isn't there something in living dangerously?'
  • There's a great deal in it,' the Controller replied. 'Men and women must have their adrenals stimulated from time to time.
  • What?' questioned the Savage, uncomprehending.
  • It's one of the conditions of perfect health. That's why we've made the V.P.S. treatments compulsory.'
  • V.P.S.?'
  • Violent Passion Surrogate. Regularly once a month. We flood the whole system with adrenin. It's the complete physiological equivalent of fear and rage. All the tonic effects of murdering Desdemona and being murdered by Othello, without any of the inconvenience.'
  • But I like the inconveniences.'
  • We don't,' said the Controller. 'We prefer to do things comfortably.'

2) United States Oath of Allegiance  -wikipedia
  • 1790- "to support the constitution of the United States"

  • 1906 - added the section of the oath requiring new citizens to defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic

  • 1950- added the text about bearing arms and performing noncombatant service in the armed forces of the United States. 

Huxley and the US citizenship in 1953
Huxley was denied citizenship since he refused to ascribe his pacifism to religious beliefs.

His application was continuously deferred on the grounds that he would not say he would take up arms to defend the US. He claimed a philosophical, rather than a religious objection, and therefore was not exempt under the McCarran Act. 
Huxley’s U.S. naturalization interview makes curious reading. The McCarran Act of 1952 had denied citizenship to any person who refused to bear arms for other than religious reasons.  Aldous was a pacifist, and said so at the interview. 
  • Are you a religious man? asked the interviewing judge. 
  • “ I am indeed a religious man", Aldous said "my opposition to war, however, is an entirely philosophical one.” 
Then withdrew his and Maria's applications when it appeared that those applications would be denied.

American citizenship -Liberty for Chaplin

Born in London on April 16, 1889, Charles Spencer Chaplin rose from crippling poverty to become the preeminent comedic star of his day. Employing a fake moustache and splayfooted walk, he specialized in slapstick portrayals of the quintessential everyman.
Despite living in the United States for almost 40 years, Chaplin never became an American citizen. Meanwhile, due in part to “Modern Times,” a satire of the machine age, he gained a reputation as a communist sympathizer.
Troublesome Speech of Truth
During the McCarthy era, the FBI put him under surveillance, and a Mississippi congressman called for his deportation.  Then the US Attorney-General announced plans to lauch an inquiry into whether he would be re-admitted to the US.
They arrived one day at his home. When the deputation arrived, it consisted of a stenographer, an FBI agent and an immigration officer, who told him that they had the right to demand Chaplins evidence under oath. 
The unexpected inquisition lasted for four hours and was recorded by the stenographer. It contained personal questions about Chaplins racial origins, political views and sex life. He found the enquiries into his life, thought and opinions most personal, insulting and disgusting.

The U.S. government then revoked his re-entry permit in 1952 as he traveled to England on vacation. Mr Chaplin is still a British citizen, despite living in America for almost 40 years, and has no automatic right to re-enter the country.

Under US law, grounds for denying a foreigner admission include "moral turpitude" and "political affiliations".  
GUARDIAN_ Video- BBC -here 
He turned against his erstwhile home, saying, "I would not go back there even if Jesus Christ was the president."

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Social Observatory -BCN la Caixa

 Social Observatory of ”la Caixa” aims to be a reference point by contributing diagnoses of social reality and tendencies, and placing a special focus on the Foundation’s major spheres of activity: 

social inclusion, education, science and culture.

latest content


Is it countries with resources that make the biggest investment in science? Or is it that countries that devote the most efforts to science are those that generate the greatest wealth? This is the opening question of the third "la Caixa" Social Observatory Dossier, which analyses the current social context of science and to what extent it represents a value-added contribution to our society.

Research and innovation: what are our stakes?

Thursday, February 22, 2018

h friends- Chesterton -the notebook

Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. 
Children already know that dragons exist. 
Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed.

 Read three quotes you like, and copy them on yur notebook.

From The Notebook    (by G.K. Chesterton )
Humanity is an extension of human and intensively individual beings.
 Once I found a  friend. "Dear me," I said, "he was made for me."But now I find more and more friends who seem to have been made for me  and more and yet more made for me. Is it possible we were all made for each other all over the world?

Friends: a list  (by G.K. Chesterton -
I know a friend, very strong and good. 
      She is the best friend in the world.
I know another friend, subtle and sensitive. 
      He is certainly the best friend on earth.
I know another friend: very quiet and charming; 
      there is no friend as good as he.
I know another friend, who is enigmatical and secretive; 
      she is the best of all.
I know yet another: who is sensible and enthusiastic; 
       she is much better than the rest.
I know another, who is young and very quick: 
       the most beloved of all friends.
I know a lot more and they are all like that.

That was JinWoo answer:

The poem was really nice. I've translated in to Korean for you.
I hope you like it. 

나는 착하고 강한 친구를 알아요. 그녀는 세상에서 가장 좋은 친구에요.

나는 또 다른 섬세하고 감성적인 친구를 알아요. 그는 확실히 지구상에서 가장 좋은 친구에요
나는 또 다른 조용하고 매력적인 친구를 알아요. 그 같이 좋은 친구는 없어요.
나는 또 다른 수수께끼같고 신비한 친구를 알아요. 그녀는 모든 것 중에 최고에요.
나는 또 다른 현명하고 열정적인 친구를 알아요. 그녀는 다른 애들 중에 최고에요.
나는 또 다른 젊고 빠른 친구를 알아요. 그는 모두에게 사랑 받아요.

나는 더 많은 사람을 알고 그들은 하나같이 다 똑같아요.

        A list 
I know a friend, very strong and good. 
      he is the best friend in the world.

I know another friend, subtle and sensitive. 
      He is certainly the best friend on earth.

I know another friend: very quiet and shrewd
      there is no friend so good as he.

I know another friend, who is enigmatical and reluctant
      he is the best of all.

I know yet another: who is polished and eager
       she is much better than the rest.

I know another, who is young and very quick: 
       the most beloved of all friends.

I know a lot more and they are all like that.

  (by G.K. Chesterton - original -Written at the age of 13)
source: Maisie Ward, Gilbert Keith Chesterton  
(Sheed and Ward, London 1944 -page 46))

TRANSLATED to European languages

        Uma relaçao de amigos

Conheço uma amiga que é muito forte e boa. É a melhor amiga do mundo.
 Conheço outro grande, grande amigo. Na verdade é o melhor amigo na terra..
    Y otro amigo que Conheço conozco es muy tranquilo. N2ao esiste outro amigo tan bom como ele.
 Conheço a outra que és inigmática e com segredos. Ela sim que é a melhor amiga de todos.
    Conheço ainda outra que é realmente simpática e que é muito melhor que o resto.
    E conheço a outro que é jovem e muito ativo, ele és o mais querido de todos os amigos.
Claro que também conheço a muitos outros e todos s2ao iguais a estes.
Basado em um poema de G. K. Chesterton escrito quando tinha 13 anos.  

                                   EINE LISTE VON FREUNDEN

Ich kenne eine Freundin, die sehr stark und gut ist.  Sie ist die beste Freundin auf der Welt.
Ich kenne einen anderen guten, guten Freund.  Er ist wirklich der beste Freund  auf der Erde.
Und ein anderer Freund , den ich kenne, ist sehr ruhig. Es gibt keinen besseren  Freund als er.
Ich kenne eine andere Freundin, die rätselhaft und geheimnisvoll ist. Sie ist tatsächlich die Beste von allen.
Dann kenne ich noch eine andere, die wirklich sympathisch ist. Sie ist viel besser als die anderen.
Und ich kenne einen anderen Freund, der jung und aktiv ist. Er ist der Liebste aller meiner Freunde.
Natürlich kenne ich noch viele andere und alle sind genauso wie diese.
           Nach einem Gedicht von G.K. Chesterton, geschrieben im Alter von 13 Jahren

                             JEDNA LISTA PRIJATELJA

Znam jednu prijateljicu, koja je cvrsta i dobra. Ona je najbolja prijateljica na svijetu.
Znam jednog dobrog, jako dobrog prijatelja. On je stvarno najbolji prijatelj na Zemlji.
Jos jedan prijatelj, kog znam, jako je miran. Nema boljeg prijatelja od njega.
Znam jos jednu prijateljicu, koja je zagonetna i tajanstvena. Ona je zaista najbolja od svih.
Onda znam jos jednu, koja je stvarno simpaticna. Ona je puno bolja od svih drugih.
Znam jos jednog prijatelja, koji je mlad i aktivan, on je najljubljeniji od svih prijatelja.
Znam ih jos puno, koji su isto takvi.
                                 Bazirano na  pjesmi od G.K. Chesterton, napiseno u starosti od 13 godina

                 Un elenco de amigos

Conozco una amiga que es muy fuerte y buena. Ella es la mejor amiga en el mundo.
Conozco otro amigo, bueno, bueno. De verdad que es el mejor amigo en la tierra..
Y otro amigo que conozco es muy tranquilo. No hay otro amigo tan bueno como él.
Conozco otra que es enigmática y llena de secretos. Ella sí que es la mejor de todos.
Todavía conozco otra que es verdaderamente simpática. Ella es mucho mejor que el resto.
Y conozco otro que es joven y muy activo. Es el más amado de todos los amigos.
Claro que también conozco a muchos más y todos son igual que éstos.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Red band society


seasons 1&2

There are some people in this world who face life head on, who know the true meaning of friendship, who take life’s knocks and get back up again and whose lives are powered by love. They are The Red Band Society. The Red Band Society laugh, cry, struggle and fail like all of us, but they do so with a special kind of intensity, which is why they live their lives twice as much as the rest of us.



  • Season 1 (13x45')
  • Season 2 (15x45')
The Red Band Society” is a story of friendship, overcoming obstacles and the will to live. The show puts the role of the doctors to one side and gives the leadership to the patients, kids aged between 8 and 17 who, despite their illness, have the same worries as any child their age and the same desire to laugh, fall in love and to discover new things. The ever present tenderness and sense of humour add a vitalistic tone to the series.

At Season 1, TRBS shows what life is like for six kids in hospital, how they settle in and how their stay at the centre will also change the lives of those around them, their families, the doctors and their friends.

At Season 2, two years have gone by. Most of the kids from Season1 have left the hospital, but some are still in and out of it. The RedBands share very powerful memories, some of them are painful ones and not everyone wants to remember. Friendship will be tested and new characters will arrive. Life goes on.

The series has been shot in a vitalistic tone that far from being sad, gives the viewer a sense of happiness, will to live and strength to overcome the problems that its characters possess.
The Red Band Society is a series for all audiences. The first Season is  completed (13x45min) the; second season (15x45') is now in-production and scheduled to be completed in the first quarter of 2013.

The leader. He turns 15 during the first season and has been at the hospital for two years. He has cancer and has had leg amputated. He shares a room with  another  boy with severed leg. 
The second leader (who would be the leader if the leader weren't there). He arrives at the hospital in the first episode. He is 14 years old. He has cancer and has to have a leg amputated. He's in love with the girl. 
The girl. She lives on a different floor. She suffers from anorexia. During the first season, she debates whether she is in love with one or the other. 
The handsome one. He is admitted to the hospital after fainting on the playground. At first, he doesn't want to make friends, but as it becomes clear that he will be hospitalized for some time he joins the society. 
The clever one. He is the oldest of the society, but he seems like a young child. He has Asperger's syndrome, which makes him seem a bit odd. He arrives at the hospital because of a motorcycle accident. 
The indispensable one. The kid of the group. He is in a coma after jumping off a diving board. His mother visits him frequently and speaks to him. He has a special relationship with Toni because he can communicate with him despite being in a coma. He

serves as the show's narrator.

The red Band society __ final chapter (english subt)

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

DEBATES_Heard of gender segregation, ready?

This is a page for our loving debates. 
Study it  and do 

TASK 1. Read a) b) and c) pieces  
on gender-equity issues. 

A)  a whirled world of biased coinage

     B) Stubborn bare facts on film industry:

     C)  a trio of eye-opening facts on art:

Discuss them with your partner

Read, below...

A)  a whirled world of biased coinage

A1) work words: 
  • 'glass ceiling' - phrase coined in 1984 to mean an invisible barrier to women being promoted beyond middle management. 
  • The big threat to women's success in top roles is now the 'glass cliff' (2004) - being promoted into risky, difficult jobs where the chances of failure are higher.

     A2) Where are few women in top roles?

  • the lack of women in STEM careers (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) currently cite hostility and isolation among the reasons for this disparity.  
  • We are  a far cry from the optimism that ran high at the early years of the XXI century that affirmed the OECD industry had the potential to prevent climate change, fix the economy and break the glass ceiling for women. 

 B) Stubborn bare facts on film industry:

Startled to learn about gender segregation, ready?
  • Female characters comprise..... GUESS the percentages: 
a) onscreen characters -
a)   ......... % of the global film workforce, 

  •  b)  Leadership positions: 
b.1)  ......... % of executives 
b.2)   ......... % of high-level politicians 

  •   c) prestigious professions: 
       c.1) attorneys and judges  (  .........%),                                   
c.2) professors (  .........% ),         
c.3) medical practitioners (  .........%)  
c.4)  with an identifiable STEM job ( .........%)

     C)  a trio of eye-opening facts:
•  women artists: Written out of HIStory?
  • women artists THEY make up only 3–5% of major permanent collections in the U.S. and Europe,    
  • The top three museums (the British Museum,  the Louvre and MOMA -NY)  have never had female directors. 
  • Less than 4% of the artists in the Modern Art section of  MOMA are women, but 76% of the nudes are female.

                B) Stubborn bare facts:____  KEY:

a)   ......... % of the global film workforce,          
a) under 28%

         b.1)  ......... % of executives 
               b1) by a  margin over 14%  
b.2)   ......... % of high-level politicians
        b2)  on the sunshiine of 10%

  c.1) attorneys and judges  (  .........%),   
 c1) less than 8%                                 
c.2) professors (  .........% ),         
           c2)  a mere 7%
c.3) medical practitioners (  .........%)  
        c3)  20%  
c.4)  with an identifiable STEM job ( .........%)
  c4)  a bare 12% 

READER_Bryson prompts



Read TWO of these articles below to be shared  and explained in next class

(Select 15 language items in each to teach your partner). 

   10. Wide-Open Spaces               (p. 52)  

    11. Rule Number 1: Follow All Rules        (p. 56

     12The mysteries of Christmas               (p. 61


Explain the humourous remarks:


1.     I did a foolish thing .... local cafes and seated myself without permission.   
 2.     "Yup," I replied proudly. "Dressed myself too."  
3.     I have seen the sign from every angle but supine.  
4.     the server in this section is very busy, so you may have to wait a while for her to get to you."  
5.     instinctive recognition that these are useful ways of helping to achieve and maintain a civilized and orderly society.  
6.     a little Teutonic order wouldn't go amiss in England-for instance,  
7.     speak freely here, I would support capital punishment). 
8.     written rules-twenty-seven!-of which my favorite is "One Bounce Per Dive on Diving Board." And they're enforced.  
9.     the clerk, who had the charm and boundless motivation you would expect to find in someone whose primary employment perk is a nylon tie.  
10.  "This is expired," he sniffed. "Then I won't ask to drive the plane," I replied.    
11.  He looked at a printed list. "... not on our list of Permissible Visual Cognitive Imagings," he said, or something similarly vacuous. 
 12.  "Are you seriously suggesting that I had this book specially printed so I could sneak on to a flight to Buffalo?" 

13.  Eventually we ended up with a crowd scene .... the supervisor's surpervisor, ...., several inquisitive bystanders ....., and a guy selling jewelry.  
14.  My flight was due to take off in minutes and froth was starting to form at the corners of my mouth. "What is the point of all this anyway  
15.  Anyway, I changed tack and begged.  
16.  I don't suppose anyone has ever shown such earnest, remorseful desire to be allowed to proceed to Buffalo.  
17.  "There is always a little more toothpaste in the tube," I said. "Think about it." (* you always manage to accomplish something if you try a little harder.)



Use these prompts to retell the following chapters.

10. Wide-Open Spaces

  1. talking big scale
  2. the population of the USA
  3. twice the size of France
  4. New Hampshire
  5. metallic wombs
  6. a million immigrants
  7. 6 per cent
  8. 68 people per square mile
  9. Daniel Boone

11. Rule Number 1: Follow All Rules
  1. foolish thing
  2. jump the queue
  3. Teutonic order
  4. public swimming-pool
  5. picture ID
  6. written instructions
  7. tooth paste 

12. The Mysteries of Christmas
  1. “A-Wassailing We’ll Go”
  2. Christmas in Britain vs
    Christmas in America
  3. Thanksgiving
  4. turkey
  5. News Year’s Eve
  6. there are no ...
  7. Boxing Day
  8. shopping malls
  9. alms boxes
  10. Slade